Nose Down

songs by Jane Butters & others

About Jane Butters

 Here's Jane with her long-suffering husband John.

- by Peter Hepple, consultant/reviews editor, THE STAGE June 3rd 2004 edition.

A lady in Edinburgh who could quite easily win a cult following if she wishes is Jane Butters, who has recorded no less than three CDs with some of the cream of Scottish jazz musicians, including Colin Steele, Roy Percy, Bob Stewart and her own principal musical mentor, pianist Tom Finlay.

Virtually nothing about her is typical. She is 58 years old, amply built, is married to one of Edinburgh's leading legal figures and sings in a style best described as Joyce Grenfell sings Billie Holiday.

But she cannot help writing songs, which come to her when she is undertaking one of her frequent cycling forays with her husband. "They just keep popping into my head," she says. One of her discs, comprising Christmas songs, is so catchy that it has attracted the attention of Harrods' music buyer, who has urged her to find a distributor so that she can stock it for Christmas. It is an opinion shared by others and Butters is now endeavouring to do just that.

Her bubbly and slightly wacky personality has caused many people to suggest that she does a live show, possibly on the Edinburgh Fringe. "But I don't think I can manage it right now," she laughs, "especially as Tom Finlay, who is my right hand musically, is so busy with gigs of his own, even if he is 65."