Children's Christmas CD of Songs & Stories

by Jane Butters

* all the tracks on the CD include a spoken introduction or a story but they are not included on all the extracts you can listen to here

Click on the black notes below to hear Jane singing extracts from some of the songs from the CD - the titles link to the lyrics.

(The big notes link to high quality larger files, the little ones to smaller files with lower quality for those who have slower internet connections or older PCs - try high quality first and then if it doesn't work, try the reduced quality version)

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Long Ago in Bethlehem

1239 KB

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Santa's Coming Shortly
(includes spoken introduction)*

364 KB

Santa's Coming Shortly
(without spoken introduction)*

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Santa's Coming Shortly
(spoken introduction only)*

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Snow, Who Made You So?

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Shining Down Our Love On Everyone Tonight

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When is it Christmas?

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My Little Panda, We'll take you Home
(includes spoken introduction)*

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What a Naughty Brown Mouse!
(includes spoken introduction)*

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I Can't Find The Fairy For The Top Of The Tree
(includes spoken introduction)*

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Off We Go
(includes spoken introduction)*
 And here are extracts from the stories on the CD:

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The STORY of My Little Panda

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241 KB

The STORY of The Naughty Brown Mouse