Rump Up

by Jane Butters

  The Musicians
  Vocals: Jane Butters
  Piano: Tom Finlay
  Trumpet: Colin Steele
  Guitar: Ross Milligan
  Bass: Roy Percy
  Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax & Recorder: Dick Lee
  Drums: Stuart Brown
  Director & Musical Arrangements: Tom Finlay
  Sound Engineer: Uncle Jack


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Tom Finlay - Piano

Here he is in full command, all smartened up for the photo! A shame we don’t recognise you Tom! Why is he never in? He’s out playing at parties and weddings all the time. Lucky boy! Why do his fingers never get cold? They’re never off the piano! And if he’s not doing that, he’s playing at some jazz festival or recording somewhere in the world. No wonder he gets picked up by the best jazz singers visit www.barbaramorrison.com She knows a thing or two. He’s the best accompanist around; and there’s not a song he doesn’t know inside and out. And he never lets you down. I tell you, he’ll get a band together for you anytime, any day for any occasion. He’s been in the business for forty years. Not surprising he knows how to come up with the goods……. playing and recording jazz as he does; after all he can just about do it falling asleep! 5 cracking CDs! What would I do without you Tom?

Tel: 0131 225 6505 or 478 7435 mob. 07734448148

Thanks Tom for approving my comments on the boys!

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Ross Milligan - Guitar

Hi Ross, you didn’t tell me you were related to Elvis! Great photo! But what a talent! He and brother Dave (piano) are two of the finest jazz musicians in the UK. How they hop about the country and juggle their lives is a mystery. Thanks Ross, for your superb playing.

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Roy Percy - Double bass

A classic pose, usually red wine. A shame we haven’t got a photo of you in your golfing gear? By the way when are we having our return match? Roy tied the knot this year with lovely Maria. Good luck Roy. Take care on those roads.

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Colin Steele - Trumpet and composer.

Colin, we always knew it wouldn’t take long before you became a star. You’ve reached it! Will you still speak to us? Don’t believe me? Just visit www.colinsteele.com Wow! am I glad we grabed you when we could. That trumpet playing! (Click here to visit Colin Steele's website: http://www.colinsteele.com/)

(Aged 9 - he's a little older now!)

Stuart Brown

Watch out girls, this boy’s a little honey! There’s not too much of him but he sure goes a LONG way! He’s a big name too. Phenomenal playing! Stunning! What a shame Stuart, you are always Soooooo busy teaching, playing and being over in Glasgow! Thanks Stu.

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Dick Lee - saxaphone and clarinet…and almost any other wind instrument

What can I say? Is there an instrument Dick doesn’t play? And what an improviser! Astonishing. But Dick is a huge name in the jazz world of Edinburgh and plays regularly with his lovely Anne on flute and piano. Mostly known as a composer of saxophone music his musical talent is huge. Visit Dick Lee on www.dicklee.org.uk Thanks Dick and not forgetting your fantastic whistling recorder! On my Christmas CD. (Click here to visit Dick Lee's website: http://www.dicklee.org.uk/)


Uncle Jack

Now Jack and I get on like house on fire……er…. He’s a man of few words! A shrug of the shoulder is what you look out for! Seriously anyone who’s in this business can tell this guy knows his stuff. No wonder he did so much work for the Genesis band. How does he get me to do it without cracking up? It’s a mystery. Who suggested we filmed the making of “Nose Down” . Yes we know it, Jack, you’re only out for a good laugh. Why don’t I charge for my services? That penny takes forever to drop with me.

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Jane Butters

What can I say? Here I am, the angel holding forth on high, still banging on nothing changes up here. Oh yes! dishing out the much-needed goodies when required. Tom tells me I shouldn’t feel guilty spending money on him….. after all, he says, “You don’t spend any money on your clothes!” Thanks a lot, Tom…Over and Out!

Speak to you later.