Songs & Stories - Christmas Fun for Children of all Ages

by Jane Butters


In the Word Booklet which comes with the Songbook, you will find a story called FELIX which uses ten of the Christmas Songs. You can use the narration and backing tracks to create your own show. Any song could be substituted. You could use the recorded narration read by Jane Butters from the Backing Track CD or you could just use the backing tracks to accompany the songs and let one of the performers read the narrator's part. (Click here to hear Jane Butters reading some of the story.)

Approximate duration 30 mins. Age 6 upwards.

Six year old Felix tries to keep happy by singing but this is forbidden by the orphanage. He is thrown out. It's three days before Christmas. Benefactors take him in and sponsor him at the choir school.

Description of Christmas town scene:
a boy selling roast chestnuts; stall holders sell their goods; carol singers gather as families look for last minute presents. An orphanage and choir school look on to the square. The choristers are rehearsing. Felix is a six year old boy whose parents three years ago were killed in a house fire.


Once upon a time there was a boy called Felix. He was a good boy and he always liked to be happy. But it wasn't easy at Christmas. He didn't have a Mummy and he didn't have a Daddy and he didn't receive any presents. He was an orphan. But he did his best to keep happy by singing. And he used to make up songs in his head. But this wasn't easy for him, because singing was forbidden in the orphange. Opposite, there was a choir school. It's three days before Christmas and he stood there listening.

43 secs

1. Long ago In Bethlehem

2 mins 29 secs

"If only I could be a chorister," he murmured, "Then I could sing as much as I like" …..And then sighing………. "With no one stopping me". He gazed down at the street scene; the fairy lights on the Christmas tree, the young boy selling roast chestnuts; everyone busy looking for last minute presents. And then …….he watched….. as a well-dressed couple entered the choir school. Felix, hearing the choristers, took in a big breath and began to sing

38 secs

2 . When is it Christmas?

2 mins 33 secs

But as he thought of Christmas, Felix put his hands in his face and cried and cried. It was only three years since the fire. The family house burnt to a cinder. He still had memories of that Christmas Eve; his mother and father being trapped; the large flames licking up the sides of the bedroom, and the screams from his baby sister. But he picked himself up and looked out of the window and watched the young carol singers

34 secs

3. Santa's Coming Shortly

1 min 58 secs

Suddenly, on to the street, the orphange door burst open.
"Get out! and don't come back! I told you not to sing. Now get out of here!"
Poor Felix, he'd had been thrown out onto the street. All he had done wrong was to sing a few words. Now he was all alone. He stood there shivering, his only possessions squeezed into a small bag. He put it under his arm and wandered the streets as the carol singers continued.

36 secs

4. This is how we pull our sleigh.

1 min 11secs

As evening drew on, the crowds began to disperse. It was cold and damp and the streets were deserted. Felix made his way towards the choir school, and then finding a cardboard box, and a blanket, under the steps, he settled down for the night. And then, from inside the building, he heard the choristers.

28 secs

5. What do I see this Christmas?

1 min 45 secs.

As midnight approached, the door to the choir school opened. The choral director was standing on the steps and said,
"Mr and Mrs Nettlefield, offering to sponsor a chorister is so kind of you. Thank you so much. We are indebited to you both."
"Entirely our pleasure," said Mrs Nettlefield. "Goodnight".
As they descended the steps, Mrs Nettlefield noticed a shoe sticking out from under a cardboard box. "Dear me!" She exclaimed. "What a time for a poor child to be out on the street". Felix stirred, and pulled the blanket over his face.
"Come now," she said, "Nobody's going to harm you. I want to help you. Please tell me your name. Let me take you home".
" Oh no!" cried Felix. "I'm not going back to the orphange."
"Come now let me take a look at you". She said.
Felix stood up and her kindly face reassured him. She put her arm round his shoulders and said, " There now, you're coming back with us. You need some supper and a good night's sleep. Come on!"
On their way, Mrs Nettlefield looked up and noticed the sky. "Goodness me!" she said. "Look at those clouds. Looks like snow to me".
"Oh! Good!" said Felix. "I do so like snow. Would you like me to sing you my song? Here we go."

1 min 42 secs

6. It's going to snow tonight

39 secs

After giving him supper and a hot bath, Mrs Nettlefield tucked up Felix and said, "Well I think it's time for a Christmas story don't you? Are you ready?"

14 secs

The Story of The Naughty Brown Mouse

6 min 24secs

During the night, Felix had a dream about mice in his old house and his sweet mother, who had been so frightened of them. He sat up and said,

12 secs

7. The Naughty Brown Mouse

1 min 21 secs

In the morning Felix sat up in bed. He was looking at the gap in the curtains and the white light shining through. "Of course!" He thought. "Snow!"……… He looked out in amazement and sang,

20 secs

8. Snow, who made you so?

1 min 38 secs

Mrs Nettlefield was standing outside the room carrying a bundle of new clothes. She had been listening to his beautiful voice. She thought carefully and said,
"Felix, would you like to visit the choir school this morning?
"Oh please, could I?" said Felix with excitement.
"Well let's get you up and dressed" she said.
They made their way back onto the streets, and once more listened to the carol singers


9. I can't find the fairy for the top of the tree

1 min 10 secs

By now, Mrs Nettlefield had introduced Felix to the director, a tall kindly man.
"Felix" he said, "The choristers are rehearsing now, would you like to join them?"
Felix's eyes lit up, "Oh yes please sir! Could I?"
Well, Mrs Nettlefield felt she had done her good deed. She stood up and said her goodbyes. And now, as she listened, standing on the steps, she knew her dreams had come true

40 secs

10. Shining Down Our Love On Everyone Tonight

2 mins 04 secs


On the CD "Santa's on His Way" which is enclosed with the Songbook, there are two additional stories suitable for younger children read by Jane Butters.

The Story of "My little Panda"

Panda is found alone in the snow. The polar bears won't play with him because he has black legs and black arms. Santa to the rescue, "Dry those eyes, let me hold your paw, I've got something to say to you. Will you guide my sleigh tonight?" ...... and they dash away into the night.

The Story of "The Naughty Brown Mouse"

A naughty brown mouse disobeys his Mummy and plays with a hazel nut in the middle of the kitchen floor. She scolds him and puts him in the chimney. As Santa's coat brushes past his nose, he jumps into the sack full of toys. All's well in the end as he nibbles his way out of the sack and rushes back into his Mummy's mousehole.

(Click here to hear Jane Butters reading extracts from these stories.)